Monday, April 20, 2009

MMQB Top 12

The men of Monday Morning Quarterback - Phil Wallace, Bryan Fischer and Grant Tunkel - spent the first hour and change talking about the NFL Draft, which is coming up this weekend. They mocked out their first 12 picks. Here is what happened:

1. Detroit Lions (Grant): Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
2. St. Louis Rams (Bryan): Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
3. Kansas City Chiefs (Phil): Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest
4. Seattle Seahawks (Grant): Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
5. Cleveland Browns (Bryan): Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB, Texas
6. Cincinnati Bengals (Phil): Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
7. Oakland Raiders (Grant): Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
8. Jacksonville Jaguars (Bryan): B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College
9. Green Bay Packers (Phil): Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
10. San Francisco 49ers (Grant): Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia
11. Buffalo Bills (Bryan): Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State
12. Denver Broncos (Phil): Mark Sanchez, QB, USC

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Harris Out

After the scrimmage, Pete Carroll said that safety Will Harris will not participate in the rest of spring practice because he is academically ineligible. The even worse news for Harris is that Josh Pinkard was moved to safety before spring ball and has the tools to stay in the starting job. Pete Carroll said that it was up to Pinkard to continue his strong play and can absolutely start next season.

Post-Scrimmage Notes

Great day for a scrimmage in the sun-soaked Coliseum. Thanks to some injuries at tailback (CJ Gable and Marc Tyler with hip flexor problems), Curtis "Moody" McNeal rushed for 101 yards and looked good on several sweeps and cutbacks. The quarterback competition certainly took an interesting turn as Matt Barkley had a great day, going 10-13 for 195 and 3 TD (with a fumble and a pick). Corp looked ok, with some inflated numbers due to a big run by RoJo on a square in for a 60+ yard touchdown. Mitch Mustain was also average, checking down most of the time, going 7-10 for 42 yards and INT that wasn't his fault as Jordan Cameron fell. The defense look really good at times, with Malik Jackson and Everson Griffin looking very good at the end spots. There were some injuries at tackle though, but all in all the Trojans have to be pleased at their performance on both sides of the ball.

Pre-Scrimmage Notes

A couple of quick notes before the scrimmage today: Alex Parsons finally had a cast put on his hand, how much he will do is up to Coach Ruel. Joe McKnight, who has been practicing in limited drills, is not dressed and won't play today. More after the scrimmage later today.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Weekend Preview

Today on the Weekend Preview, Kevin Taylor and myself will analyze how the potential jumps to the NBA by Daniel Hackett, Taj Gibson and DeMar DeRozan will impact next year's Trojans. Also, we'll look at the opening week of Major League Baseball, analyze the NBA playoff picture and discuss Tiger and friends at the Masters. Join us on KSCR 1560 AM or on the web at today from 11a.m. to 12 p.m.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Practice Update 4-9

Good day for Matt Barkley and the offense today. Barkley made several great throws, especially down field and on out routes, to lead the offense to a nice day without turnovers. Aaron Corp did not look good at all, throwing several bad balls and seemed flustered. Mitch Mustain continued looking good and Marc Tyler came on strong as well. Today was one of the few times the offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage. Check out Pete Carroll's comments on the KSCR Podcast.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Practice Update

Cold day at Howard Jones Field but excitement in the air as the first practice in pads. The defense looked sharp, producing some big hits early on in team drills. Matt Barkley look ok, as he threw an interception but made up for it with a nice bomb to Ronald Johnson. Mitch Mustain looked very good, despite underthrowing two balls that were almost picks. Aaron Corp looked good by using his legs and running for a first down or two. All in all, not a bad day according to Pete Carroll, who was a little concerned with injuries to the tight ends but liked where his players and coaching staff are at.

Tim Floyd Staying

At a press conference today, Tim Floyd announced he will be staying at USC. He apprently was offered the job at Arizona and flew to Tuscon but will remain at USC.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pro Day Winding Down

Mark Sanchez is done throwing and most of the drills are over. All the linebackers are done with their drills and are now doing interviews, so it is time for me to head out. But before I go, I will name my most impressive Pro Day player. That award goes to.......Clay Matthews. Matthews continues to impress as he tries to become a mid-late 1st round draft pick. Keep following KSCR's blog throughout the semester, to get updates on radio shows, games, etc.

Fight on!

The Long Ball!

They say chicks dig the long ball. If that's the case then chicks weren't digging Mark Sanchez during his first few deep passes. After Sanchez overthrew the receivers on a few throws, he came back to throw 2 absolute beauties. He ended his throwing session with a complete pass, so that's always a good thing. Overall, it was a good, but not great performance from Sanchez. His throws had the velocity, but the accuracy wasn't up to par with what the Lions would want from their #1 pick. If I had to guess, I would say that after this performance Sanchez stays where he is projected and goes #8 to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Sanchez Throwing

He continues to show off his strength in the short game, but when he has to throw deep, he is having a little bit of trouble. He has the arm, but his accuracy is not 100 percent. He did have one receiver slip in the middle of a route, but he still has to recognize what his receivers are doing. Then again... the guy must be tired. His pitch count must be at 60-70 passes already.

On a side note, Patrick Turner bailed Sanchez out with a great one-handed grab along the sidelines.


Finally Sanchez shows he is somewhat mortal... he over-threw a receiver on an out route. The pass drew some sighs from the large crowd on hand here but it probably dropped his completion percentage today to what seems like 98%. Now time for the fun part... THE LONG BALLS. More to come...


Sanchez just did a drill where he was told where and when to drop back and then he had to choose a stationary receiver to throw the ball to. Every throw was right on the money. The receiver didn't need to move one centimeter. Now, Sanchez is showing off his arm as he hits receivers on a stop and go.

Sanchez looking good

His throws have been on the money. His velocity on his passes is outstanding. Sanchez has come out with his best stuff here today.


Here we go! It's the main event! It's what all of you have been waiting for. Mark Sanchez has taken the field along with Patrick Turner. The two have been combining for TDs for only one year, but you have to think they will be on the same page. Sanchez has a lot to prove today. Matt Stafford and Sanchez are neck in neck for that #1 spot atop the QB board. A good performance by Sanchez today might give him the nod.

Sanchez looks very poised during warm-upsand doesn't seem to be letting any of the pressure get to him. All the scouts are on the sidelines and the field is completely clear. It's Sanchez, Turner and one other Trojan on the field. Stay tuned for how Sanchez and Turner look

LB Drill Update

Are these Linebackers or Wide Receivers? Matthews and Cushing just made some great catches during a coverage drill. They did some side stepping and then went deep to catch a pass and they both jumped extremely high to grab the ball in the air. Matthews continues to amaze me.

Other Linebacker

The other linebacker doing the drill with Rey and Clay is Brian Cushing. Cushing is looking good as well. He dropped one ball, but looks very sharp with his routes. His instincts are very quick also

Linebacker Drills

Three linebackers, including Rey Maualuga and Clay Matthews are doing drills where they do some side stepping and running and then catch the ball. From my perspective, it looks like Matthews is outshining Rey Rey. Rey has had a little bit of trouble catching the ball cleanly, but he definitely is showing why he is a first round pick. Same goes for Matthews. It is unbelievable to think that Matthews is a walk-on. Talk about making a dream come true. Walk-on to possible 1st rounder. Whoever ends up with Matthews is going to end up with a steal, because this kid has talent.


Welcome everyone to USC's Pro Day at Cromwell Field. As I am posting this, Rey Maualuga, Clay Matthews and others are doing a few drills for the pro scouts here. In approximately 15 minutes Mark Sanchez will throw for the scouts. You have to think that every team that has a pick in the top 20 will be watching Sanchez. I have seen projections that have Sanchez going #1 to the Lions, all the way to #17 to the Jets. Stay with us, as I will have many updates to come!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best Show of the Year!

In addition to talking about the Final Four, tomorrow is our Annual MLB Preview Show. This is our best show of the year!

At 10:30, we will interview Jonah Keri of, the Wall Street Journal, and other publications.

Then we will talk about all 30 MLB teams for exactly 2 minutes each. It should be a blast.

Tune at 10 AM Pacific Time on!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday Morning Point Guard

After spring break, Monday Morning Point Guard has returned in style! This Monday from 10 AM to Noon, we will interview David Carter, the Executive Director of the USC Sports Business Institute. He will discuss his recent trip to Dubai with Phil Wallace which was featured in the Sports Business Daily.

We will also go in-depth on the NCAA Tournament and on the World Baseball Classic.

Tune in to or 1560 AM!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Women's Pac-10 Championship Game

Tonights Women's Pac-10 Championship Game from the Galen Center will be broadcast on the KSCR Sports Stream (click on the link to the right). Kevin Lu and Eli Pearlstein will have the call from Galen as the Women of Troy look to repeat the men's success and bring home the trophy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

USC Magic rubs off on the Women of Troy

Well, the magic just keeps coming for USC basketball in LA, as the Women of Troy, after nearly knocking off Cal twice this year, beat the #2 seed in the Women's Pac-10 Tournament to advance to the Championship game tomorrow. Camille LeNoir scored 25 points and led the Women of Troy for one last game at Galen. The win might also mean the ladies are in the NCAA Tournament, which they could host as the first and second rounds of one region are at the Galen Center. Keep in mind this run in the tournament is without Nadia Parker, but nevertheless the whole team has stepped up.

USC goes Dancing!

Well, it wasn't a walk in the park but USC did what it had to do and won the Pac-10 Tournament Championship to earn a berth in the NCAA Tournament next weekend. DeMar DeRozen was named MVP for the tournament (yet didn't make the All-Tournament Team) to go along with Taj Gibson and Daniel Hackett being named to the All-Tournament Team. This is USC's first ever championship, having failed to win versus Oregon in 2007 and 2003 and versus Arizona in 2002. Quite an accomplishment, more to follow!

Pac-10 Championship

The Pac-10 Championship game between USC and Arizona State will begin at 3:15 with Bryan Fischer and Brandon Marcus. You can catch the game on the KSCR Sports Stream (click on the link to the right). It will be the winner's first Tournament Championship as this is Arizona State's first appearance in the title game and USC has never won.

Friday, March 13, 2009

USC 33, UCLA 28

USC came out shooting for the first half, but turnovers and fouls have kept UCLA in the game. This is shaping up to be another close cross-town matchup, we'll see if the Trojans can pull it out at Staples. If you're tuning in, you can now catch us on the regular KSCR stream with our studio host, Pedro Moura.

USC-UCLA the Pac-10 Tourney Rematch

Tonight's USC-UCLA match at Staples Center will be broadcast on the KSCR Sports Stream (click on the link on the righthand side of the page) with Brandon Marcus and Bryan Fischer on the call. The Trojans will look to avenge the last two losses to UCLA this season and the one they suffered in last year's semifinal.

WBB: USC 70, ASU 65

Well it was a great shooting first half for the Women of Troy but they let the Sun Devils back into the game in the second half. The Trojans had a bit of trouble on the boards without Nadia Parker, who is out injured, but Heather Oliver had a great game scoring and saving some lose balls. The Trojans will face either Cal or Washington tomorrow night as they look to play their way to the NCAA's.

Women's Bball, USC vs. Arizona State

Kevin Lu and Eli Pearlstein will have the call on KSCR 1560am and today for the Women's Pac-10 Tournament from Galen Center.

The Weekend Preview

Join Kevin Taylor and myself for the Weekend Preview at a special 10 am time today. We will discuss USC basketball's victory over Cal and their chances at running the table at Staples Center, analyze the rest of the madness going on in college basketball and see who's up and who's down in the NBA. Also, stick around for KSCR's coverage of the Women of Troy basketball team, as they take on Arizona State at 11 am in the Pac-10 Tournament at the Galen Center. As always listener participation is welcome, so call in at (213) 740-KSCR or send us an instant message at KSCRRadio.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

USC-Cal on KSCR Sports Stream

Check out Bryan Fischer and Brandon Marcus on the KSCR Sports Stream, just click on the right.

Kicking off the Real Pac-10 Tounament

Brandon Marcus and I will have all the coverage from Staples Center with the Pac-10 Tournament now through the weekend. I'm currently at the Arizona-Arizona State game where the blood rivals are playing a close one. Remember to catch Brandon and I tonight at 6pm on KSCR 1560am. Just click on the link to the right to listen in as USC fights to make it to the NCAA and not the NIT.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Morning Sports Talk

Today on the show we'll be breaking down all the major conference tournaments and giving our picks for who will be dancing next week. While we'll spend the majority of our show talking college hoops, we'll also spice in a little T.O talk and WBC analysis so be sure to listen in from 10 - noon!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

MMPG - Tournament Selection

The Monday Morning Point Guard crew undertook the enormous task of selecting the 34 at-large teams that, as of now, we believe will be dancing in a couple of weeks. Below is a list of every conference that, in our selection committee, received multiple tournament bids.

Each conference has listed next to it the teams that will make the tournament. We then put a (1+X) next to that conference, where any one of those teams will win the conference tournament and the remaining X number of teams will receive at-large bids. Complex math? Not really.

ACC: UNC, Wake Forest, Duke, Florida State, Clemson, Boston College (1+5)
Big East: Louisville, Pitt, UConn, Villanova, Marquette, Syracuse, WVU (1+6)
Big 10: Michigan State, Illinois, Purdue, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan (1+6)
Big 12: Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma State (1+5)
Pac 10: Washington, UCLA, Cal, Arizona State, Arizona (1+4)
SEC: South Carolina, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn (1+3)
MWC: Utah, BYU, UNLV (1+2)
A10: Xavier, Dayton (1+1)
WCC: Gonzaga, St. Mary's (1+1)
MVC: Northern Iowa, Davidson (1+1)

First Four Out: Auburn, Arizona, Michigan, UNLV
*If any of these three teams lose in the first round, they are eliminated from contention.
Snubs: Providence, Minnesota, Kansas State, Florida, SDSU, New Mexico, Creighton

We also took the liberty of naming our 1-4 seeds:
No. 1 Seeds:
Pitt (#1 overall)

No. 2 Seeds:
Michigan State

No. 3 Seeds:
Wake Forest
(*If Washington wins Pac-10 Tourney, it will be a 3 seed)

No. 4 Seeds:

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Tune your dials to 1560 AM if you're in Los Angeles, or head to as the official student station of USC sports gets set to take on the Oregon Ducks in Pac-10 play. Mark Shore will handle the play-by-play, with Pedro Moura on color. We hope you enjoy the game.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Noon Show on KSCR

Some of the topics Katherine Hernandez and Kevin Lu explored are the winner of the Matt Cassel trade; if the Houston Rockets are better without T-Mac and the Detroit Pistons better without Iverson; if the WBC is important enough to watch;  the Trojans in the NIT; why we forgive Shaq for the RuPaul statement; and NFL free agency.  Listen every week on Tuesday at Noon on KSCR.  

Not the greatest homecoming for OJ

Well it wasn't pretty (for him or the team), but OJ Mayo had a team-high 17 points in his return to Los Angeles in a 99-89 loss to the LA Lakers at Staples Center. In a game that saw DJ Mbenga get a standing ovation, it was a somewhat quiet match up that saw Kobe Bryant net a game-high 31 points and saw the Lakers snap their two game loosing streak. Mayo at times defended the reigning MVP and did a good job, but the rest of the team didn't do as well on Kobe or the rest of the Lakers. The Grizzlies got close to the Lakers at times, but the game was never in doubt as the Lakers kept pulling away whenever Memphis put the pressure on. The last time Mayo was at Staples was in the Pac-10 Tournament last year, where he had 15 points in a 57-54 loss to UCLA in the Pac-10 Semifinal. Perhaps the best part of the night for OJ or the crowd was when Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler were on the Kiss Cam.

OJ just Ok

Halftime at Staples of the Grizzlies/Lakers game and so far OJ Mayo has done just ok in his return to LA. While the Grizz are clearly one of the worst teams in the league, OJ is one of a couple of bright spots for the team with 10 points in the first half. When matched up with Kobe Bryant, OJ had pretty good defense on the MVP, despite Kobe having 19 points. Should be a great 2nd half at Staples.

OJ Applause

There was a pretty decent cheer for OJ Mayo at Staples Center once he was announced during the starting lineups. By the way, if you wanted another USC connection, OJ and the Grizzlies will stay in LA and take on the Clippers tomorrow at Staples (where the looser becomes the second worse team in the league), coached by Mike Dunleavy, father of USC basketball player James Dunleavy.

The Return of OJ

Tonight marks the professional return of O.J. Mayo to Los Angeles following his one-and-done with the Trojans. While his chances of getting a win tonight are about as good as USC's of getting into the NCAA (the Lakers are coming off back-to-back losses and the Grizzlies are 0-2 vs. the Lakers on the season), it is nevertheless the most interesting storyline out the three that I count tonight with USC connections. The others? Well it also marks the return of Henry Bibby, who went to UCLA and was the Trojan's coach prior to Tim Floyd. Finally, just for good measure, the Lakers' owner Jerry Buss is a huge USC booster and can sometimes be seen down Figueroa at the Galen Center.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Women's Basketball vs. Stanford

Phil Wallace and Bryan Fischer have the call today with Jonathan Kendrick on the sidelines. To listen to the game via the KSCR Sports Stream, click here.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Women's Basketball vs. Cal

Jonathan Kendrick and Nathan Goldstein have the call tonight with Adam Bender on the sidelines. To listen to the game via the KSCR Sports Stream, click here.

The Weekend Preview

Today on the Weekend Preview, Kevin Taylor and I will discuss USC basketball's fading tournament hopes, the revolving door at No. 1 in college hoops, the early big splashes in the NFL free agency market, Tiger Woods' not-so-triumphant return and much more. We hope you join us at noon on KSCR 1560AM and and let your voice be heard by calling in at (213) 740-KSCR or by instant messenger at KSCRRadio.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wednesday Morning Sports Talk

Be sure to listen in to Wednesday Morning Sports Talk tomorrow, hosted by Marshall Kelner alongside Eli Perlstein and Hayden Coplen. We will be covering a lot of topics, including USC Basketball and their important trip to the Bay Area this week, all the craziness of the past week of NBA action, the start of MLB Spring Training and NFL free agency, and much more! We would for you to be a part of the show, so please call in at 213-740-KSCR or IM us at KSCR Radio. Thanks and we hope you enjoy the show tomorrow!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Washington 60, USC 51

Well USC was in it until the end, but just couldn't come up with the shots late to beat the Huskies. Taj Gibson had 10 points and 5 assists to go along with Daniel Hackett's 11 points and 5 assists but they couldn't out do Quincy Pondexter who had 22 to lead all scorers. Tough loss for the Trojans as they head up to the Bay Area where they need a sweep of their remaining four Pac-10 games to have a good shot at making the NCAA's.


USC let Washington back into the game and now they're paying for it. Washington has a five point lead with 1:31 to go and the ball after Dwight Lewis traveled. The Trojans look a little lost on offense right now and are allowing Washington to get some open looks.

USC Storms back

An 8-0 run for USC has been keyed by their defense, with some blocks from Taj Gibson and Nikola Vucevic and some great guard play at the other end from Daniel Hackett and Dwight Lewis. The Trojans now lead 39-35 and they're looking to keep it going.

Mitch Kupchak Interview

KSCR just scored an exclusive interview with Mitch Kupchak, the Lakers General Manager, right here at halftime. If you missed it, it will be up on the KSCR Podcast channel.

Washington 31, USC 28 at the Half

USC started strong but let Washington get back into the game with a late run to close the half. USC got into foul trouble early and had Taj Gibson sitting on the bench (and his replacement Nikola Vucevic looked very overmatched). The pace was up and down, but this game is still the Trojans to lose dispite being down right now.

USC off to another hot start

The Trojans have been uncharacteristicaly gotten off to some hot starts after some slow starts in the desert in Arizona. Last game USC was shooting over 50% for a lot of the first half vs. Washington State while holding the Cougars under 40%. Same thing today, USC is at 56% and Washington is shooting 35%. We'll see if they can keep it up.

Gibson strong early

Just 4 points out of USC's 13, but Taj Gibson is making his presence felt. He's grabbing rebounds and blocking shots and with Leonard Washington's help down low as well, he's allowing the Washington defense to suck in and create open shots on the perimeter for Daniel Hackett and Dwight Lewis.

USC and Washington about to tip off

About to tip off from Galen with the Huskies and the Trojans. Phil Wallace and Jonathan Kendrick have the  call with Eli Pearlstein on the sidelines. The crowd is filling in and the starting lineups are announced, so tune into or 1560am in the USC area.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Weekend Preview

Today on the Weekend Preview, Pedro Moura will be filling in for Kevin Taylor to bring you up to date on the upcoming big games. We will discuss USC basketball's win over Washington St. and preview their Saturday showdown with Washington. We'll also look at the potential impact of the deals that went down before the NBA's trade deadline on this weekend's matchups, the importance of Tiger's return and Phil's resurgence to the PGA Tour, and analyze what Trojan needs to impress the most at the NFL Combine. Tune in today from 12-1 on KSCR 1560 AM and

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tim Floyd Quotes

Check out the post game presser with Tim Floyd on the KSCR Podcast channel, there are some good quotes about the game. Also up is Floyd's comments about the upcoming ESPN Outside the Lines' report on the NCAA looking into so-called package deals between players and schools, including Rudy and Daniel Hackett at USC. 

USC 61, Washington St. 51

Another win for the Trojans at Galen Center to help them in the Pac-10 standings. It was a slow tempo game as to be expected but USC still ended up shooting 42% for the game. Dwight Lewis had 17, while Taj Gibson looked like his old self with 16 points and 8 rebounds. Nikola Vucevic got the start due to matchups and came through with 8 points in 26 minutes, coming off of a lower back injury. DeMar DeRozen had a quiet night with 8 points but Tim Floyd praised his defense. Taylor Rochestie had 16 for the Cougars who fell to .500 on the season and 5-9 in the Pac-10 while USC improves to 16-9 and 7-6 in the Pac-10.

Heading for the exits

It's 57-51 Trojans here at Galen and what few fans came to the game are heading for the exits. It's all about free throws and guarding the 3 for the Trojans as the Cougars are fouling when given the chance. We'll have a post game recap soon.

Better than last time...I guess

Well its 41-37 with 10 minutes to go so the teams are almost certainly going to pass their point totals from their last meeting. But these teams still need to improve their shooting, the Trojans are at 40% (but have been in the high 30s) while Washington State's at 38% (and has been as low as 32%). Just another day playing the Cougars.

USC 29, Washington 21

Well it was a little better half than expected. USC came out shooting while Washington State didn't, but they came back to make it a single digit lead late in the half. Really the only highlight was a big dunk by Taj Gibson but we'll see if the Trojans can have some more in the 2nd half.

Slow pace?

It's 4-4 with 5 minutes played, think we're in for a slow pace? Remember the last two teams met, it was a 46-44 win for the Trojans.

USC-Washington State about to Tip Off

Almost ready to tip off from Galen Center as USC looks to end its 3 game losing streak against Washington State. Eli Pearlstein and Dave Dulberg will have the call while Kevin Taylor will patrol the sidelines. Catch it on or 1560am in the USC area. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Morning Sports Talk

On today's show hosted by Eli Pearlstein along side Marshal Kelner and Hayden Coplen, we will be talking lots and lots of basketball. We will go into what went wrong for USC in the desert, and break down the team's upcoming match-ups against the Washington Schools. We'll also talk national college basketball and make our picks for which bubble teams will be making it to the NCAA tourney. Other topics for the show include NBA trades and the start of MLB spring training, so be sure to listen in today from 10am-12am on KSCR!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ASU 65, USC 53

Well, the desert was not kind to the Trojans, as ASU completed the LA sweep with a win at Wells Fargo Arena. It was another bad first half for the Trojans as they trailed at half but got back in the game thanks to a great shooting 2nd half. The game however was decided in the last three minutes as the Trojans and Sun Devils were trading baskets when Daniel Hackett was called for a charge. There was some confusion however, as one official signaled a foul on ASU but there was no conference, no reversal, just a charge on Daniel Hackett. This of course set Tim Floyd on fire. There is obviously more to the game then the foul call and subsequent ejection of Floyd, but it is the story from Tempe. I asked if the Pac-10 could fine or suspend Floyd but couldn't get a straight answer from anyone. I'll have Floyd's comments up as a podcast and I'll link to it on this blog sometime in the future. It will be very interesting to see what happens after the holiday, more to come on the KSCR blog, and 1560am, including the next men's basketball game on Thursday at 7:30 vs. Washington State. 

The game is over, but Tim doesn't go down without a fight

Tim Floyd might get fined or punished somehow by the Pac-10 as he is going after the offcials. The call happened when Daniel Hackett was called for a charge, which set Hackett, Taj Gibson and Floyd off. Floyd bumped into the official and was yelling at all 3 refs for about 3 minutes before 3 security officers came out and tried to escort him off, where he then turned back around and yelled some more. A few techs later and the Trojans are done. Good to see some fire. More post game in a little bit.


Tim Floyd has harped on it all year and it's the Trojans Achillie's heel: turnover. USC is shooting 67% in the 2nd half (3-5 from 3pt land) but is down 8 points thanks to some bad turnovers that make you go, "What were they thinking?"

Trojans take the lead 38-37

The Trojans just took a one point lead thanks to Daniel Hackett's jumper just inside the 3pt line. The Trojans have forced the Sun Devils into some bad shots while raising their shooting percentage to 48% en route to an 18-8 run to begin the 2nd half.

2nd Half Underway

USC has come out on fire, shooting very well. But Tim Floyd didn't fix those defensive lapses though, Arizona has done pretty well itself, especially in the paint. Daniel Hackett also took a shot going for a rebound and hit the deck but got right back up.

ASU 29, USC 20 at the Half

The Trojans need to pick it up, they are getting thoroughly outplayed at both ends. They are taking bad shots on offense and look a little out of sync, they're looking for jump shots but the inside game is their's no problem. Defensively they have to stop the points in the paint and need to stop double teaming because they're not rotating and leaving wide open shooters from long range. Luckily they're a second half team, but the need to get it going.

We might want to guard the basket...

The Trojans are having a hard time guarding the alleyoop to Jeff Pendergraph. He's got nine points and a pair of crowd-roaring dunks. 

Marcus Simmons sighting

Marcus Simmons just came onto the court, first time in awhile so we'll see if he gets some minutes (which he was complaining of not getting when considering transferring). 

Kuksiks in Trouble

Rihards Kuksiks just picked up his 2nd personal with less than 3 minutes into the game. He's still in the game but the sooner the Trojans can get him out the better, last time the two teams met at Galen, Kuksiks had 16 points, including 4-6 from long range.

Trojans in Black

The Trojans will be wearing their black uniforms which they're 1-0 in, if they make it 2-0 will they be in them the rest of the way?

About to Tip Off in Tempe

We're about to tip off at the Wells Fargo Arena here in Tempe, which looks to be about 3/4 full if that. The arena reminds me of the Sports Arena, which is bad or good depending on what memories you had there. The Trojans are in a must win situation against the Sun Devils to boost their RPI and improve their tourney resume. We'll be blogging the game due to some technical difficulties broadcasting the game. Stay tuned only on the KSCR blog!

Trojan Power Hour

Hey guys! Tomorrow (Monday, 15th) the Trojan Power Hour will be from 12-145 talking sports on Presidents Day. We will be discussing midseason NBA Awards, personnel movement as the trade deadline approaches, and we will venture over to world of college basketball as well. Be sure to tune in from 12-145 online at or on the radio 1560 AM.

Fight On!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Weekend Preview

Please join Kevin Taylor and I for a preview of the weekend's biggest sporting events, from USC to the great sporting world beyond. On tomorrow's edition we'll discuss (among other things) USC basketball's important Sunday showdown with Arizona State, preview the NBA's All-Star Weekend, and look ahead to the Daytona 500. Viewer participation is always welcomed by phone or Instant Messenger. Catch us on air from 12-1 every Friday, to get ready for the weekend ahead in sports.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Tuesday Show

Tomorrow on The Tuesday Show we will be spending a lot of time talking about A-Rod's steroid admission and how it affects his legacy. We will also talk about how these big name admissions of steroid use affect the game itself. We'll also talk a little Pro Bowl (get excited) and Big Ben's apparent Super Bowl injury. In addition, we'll talk some news and notes around the world or sports and there will definitely be some Laker talk. Make sure you tune in tomorrow at noon!

Also, our show still needs a name and we're open to your suggestions!

Trojan Power Hour

Hey guys! Today on the show we were without Zach Gompertz due to the flu. It was still an entertaining show as we got on about 20 minutes after A-Rod's steroid admission.

Next week we will have a big-time guest on the show. He is a former Major League Baseball player and coach, renowned pitching guru who has worked with the likes of Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, and C.C. Sabathia, among others, and he is also an admitted steroid user. Tune in next week, Monday February 15 at 12:00 Pacific Time to find out who and hear his unique and dazzling insights.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

We've got Petros!

Tomorrow's Monday Morning Quarterback will feature special guest Petros Papadakis, likely coming around 11 AM Pacific Time. We will be discussing all things going on the world of sports, including A-Rod testing positive for steroids, USC's recruiting class, college hoops, the Lakers 6-0 road trip, and much much more.

Tune in!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Women of Troy vs. UCLA on KSCR 1560am

Remember that you can catch the crosstown matchup between the USC and UCLA women tomorrow at 2pm on 1560am and Bryan Fischer will handle the play-by-play duties and Jonathan Kendrick the analysis. Nathan Goldstein will bring you up to the minute info from the sidelines. Tune in to catch the Women of Troy take on the Bruins!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Signing Day Recap (Offensive Look)

Couple of things about some of the offensive recruits from Coach Carroll:

Kevin Graf: O Lineman whose been around the program since he's been little (his dad was a famous Trojan). One of the more complete players at Tackle coming in that Carroll has seen.
John Martinez: Will play center and be groomed to take over for O'Dowd, but also can play guard. Very versatile and compared to Jeff Byers.
Jake Harfman: Will compete for both kicker and punter, big leg.
Matt Barkley: Although already enrolled, Coach mentioned that he's excited about Barkley and will put him in with the 1st Team several times in order to see what's he's got. Got the sense that Carroll really thinks Barkley can be a really good QB (as I think just about everyone does!) and there could be a slim chance of him not redshirting and actually playing.

Signing Day comes to a close (Defensive Look)

Coach Carroll's Press Conference is up as a podcast. Coach was very high on all of the recruits (of course) but here are some selected things about some of the newest Trojans:

James Boyd: Coach Carroll is amazed at his athleticism (he was the team's QB and is one of the best basketball players in the city) and was very high on him being a good rusher.
Devon Kennard: Great rush end who can cover TE's or play great against the run. I asked Carroll to compare Kennard to Everson Griffin coming out of high school and Carroll said Kennard was more developed and advanced vs. Griffin being more of a raw athlete.
Patrick Hall: Could see him at KR but Coach did not rule out him playing a little offense in addition to being a DB.
TJ McDonald: Prototype safety and a great leader. His dad (Tim) played under Carroll with the 49ers. Got the sense that Coach could tell McDonald could be the next Kevin Ellison.
Jarvis Jones: Great size and athleticism. Coach Carroll was hyping him and Telfort but said that Jones could contribute right away and could even play on the basketball team.
Frankie Telfort: Very fast (sub-4.4) and very smart (football-wise and academically, he wants to be a doctor). First recruit out of Miami for Carroll, who said they have been close to some Miami recruits but finally got a great one in Telfort.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pete Carroll Press Conference on Signing Day

Head Coach Pete Carroll will start his press conference to review all the new signings in a few minutes (around 4pm). You can catch it live via or check back later tonight for presser via the podcast. I'll be back to recap some of the things he said later. All this on top of USC-UCLA tonight at 7:30.

More signings

Kevin Graf (OL), Jake Harfman (K), Frankie Telfort (LB), Jarvis Jones (LB), Jawanza Sterling (S) are also Trojans to be. Remember we'll try to have Pete Carroll's press conference on all the new recruits up on via podcast after it happens. 

Signed so far...

Byron Moore (DB), Devon Kennard (DE), James Boyd (DE), Torin Harris (ATH), Kevin Greene (DE), John Martinez (OL), Devon Flournoy (WR), TJ McDonald (S), Marquis Simmons (LB), Frankie Telfort (OLB), and Patrick Hall (ATH) have all sent in their letters. More signing day coverage plus recap and analysis!

Wednesday Morning Sports Talk

Today on the show myself (Marshall Kelner), Eli Perlstein, and Hayden Coplan will recap the epic Super Bowl, talk about USC signing day, preview tonight's big basketball showdown at Pauley Pavilion, and discuss the impact of Andrew Bynum's injury on the Lakers. We will also try to fit in some Manny Ramirez and Australian Open talk if time permits. Be sure to tune in from 10-noon for the always lively discussion!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Signing Day Coverage

The KSCR Sports Blog will have coverage of all the USC signings tomorrow. We will have updates throughout the day as summaries as to who has signed, what their impact could be and finally we'll have Pete Carroll's press conference up as a podcast after he is done. Stay tuned!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Trojan Power Hour

Today on the Trojan Power Hour we had two great guests: Dan Shonka and Aaron Corp. Dan Shonka is a former NFL Scout and one of the most respected talent evaluaters in the football community. He currently runs a website,, which provides draft and personnel analysis. His services used by NFL franchises. Aaron Corp, currently a redshirt freshman, is, as I am sure many of you know, competing for the Trojans' starting quarterback competition with Mitch Mustain and Matt Barkley. 

In between the guests we talked some Super Bowl and then finished our show off with two of our staple segments: The Two Minute Drill and Power Hour Pick 'Em. After one show Zach and I are 3-1, while Jesse is 2-2. 

Next week we will have Ian Kennedy, starting pitcher for the New York Yankees and USC alum, on the show.

Join us on Mondays from 12-1 Pacific time on!

-Trojan Power Hour
Jared Sandler, Zach Gompertz, and Jesse Brosten

Still Unnamed Tuesday Show

Hey all, myself (Katherine Hernandez), Nathan Goldstein and Kevin Lu will be on air tomorrow at noon talking about the Superbowl, Andrew Bynum's injury and how it will affect the Lakers, Michael Phelps' scandal and the Australian Open. We may even talk a little college basketball if we get to it. It should be a good show so I hope you all listen in.

Also, we need a name and we're open to your suggestions!

We're podcasting!!!

KSCR Sports is now podcasting! We will have our sports talk radio shows, special shows and podcasts, as well as full games available. To subscribe you can pop in the following address in your RSS reader or click on one of the links below


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Monday Morning Quarterback

Today's edition of Monday Morning Quarterback with Phil Wallace, Bryan Fischer and Grant Tunkel covered the Super Bowl, NFL Hall of Fame, Tennis and even a little college basketball. Adam Rose from the LA Times came on to talk about football and basketball at both USC and UCLA. More info on how to listen to this episode in another post.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

USC beats Cal, 73-62

Another great game here at Galen as the Trojans complete the Bay Area sweep. DeMar DeRozen had a phenomenal game, scoring a game high 19 (8-12 from the field), and was mentioned by Coach Tim Floyd for his work on the defensive end as well. Another double double for Taj Gibson with 12 points and 13 rebounds. With defense and some great plays in the paint, the Trojans were able to turn around the game and hold the best shooting team in the Pac-10 to 9 points off their average and only 2-16 from 3pt range. This sets up a great match up over at Pauley on Wednesday night, which you can listen to right here on KSCR 1560am and with Jason Schwartz, Jared Sandler, Mark Shore and Dave Dulberg.

USC 31, Cal 28 @ the Half

USC takes control of the first half and leads it 31-28. Story of the game so far is the highlights provided by DeMar DeRozen and Marcus Johnson and the USC turnovers (11)and Cal shooting percentage (40.7%). DeRozen leads the Trojans with 10 points, while Leonard Washington has 5 rebounds. Great job by Daniel Hackett at the end of the half to go coast to coast and hit the buzzer beater. Should be a great 2nd Half.

Any thing you can do, I can do better

DeMar DeRozen and Marcus Johnson are continuing their show from last Thursday in a great show of one-ups-manship with dunks and alley-ops. Kind of like those McDonald's commercials with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, "Anything you can do, I can do better..."

Coaches vs. Cancer - Suits and Sneakers

Across college basketball this week coaches are participating in the Suits and Sneakers Awareness Weekend, designed to raise awareness for cancer research. Most of the coaches are taking this to mean the dress code is much more relaxed. Mike Montgomery is in a polo, slacks and sneakers while Tim Floyd is wearing a pullover and sneakers. Very much relaxed I'd say, so much for suits and sneakers.

USC-Cal Basketball tonight @ 8:30pm

KSCR 1560am will have the call from the Galen Center as the Trojans take on the Bears from Cal. Phil Wallace will handle the play-by-play while Bryan Fischer will handle the analysis. John Adams will patrol the sidelines and Jonathan Kendrick will be in the studio handling the updates. Check it out on 1560am around the USC campus or on and click on one of the links for the live stream.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

This close but USC holds on 70-69

Stanford had a chance and it rattled off the rim. More post game stats and interviews to come.

DeMar DeRozen and Marcus Johnson - Monster Dunkers

Freshman DeMar DeRozen has had some highlight reel dunks this year, but the one a few minutes ago might have been his best. After a Stanford turnover, DeRozen had an open breakaway and took off just inside the free throw line to slam it home. Better make the Top 10. About 2 minutes later - after another Stanford turnover - Marcus Johnson sent the crowd into a frenzy again with another huge dunk. USC pounding the Cardinal inside.

Celebrity Sighting

Tommy Lasorda was spotted at Galen tonight, next to Athletic Director Mike Garrett.

Stanford 38, USC 33 @ Halftime

Taj Gibson has 12 points (and he's sick) and played 18 minutes. Daniel Hackett who played 20 minutes, also has the flu. The Trojans looked good early, but a late run by the Cardinal to take the lead led by Mitch Johnson's 10 points. Good turnout at Galen, should be a great 2nd Half.

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