Saturday, April 11, 2009

Post-Scrimmage Notes

Great day for a scrimmage in the sun-soaked Coliseum. Thanks to some injuries at tailback (CJ Gable and Marc Tyler with hip flexor problems), Curtis "Moody" McNeal rushed for 101 yards and looked good on several sweeps and cutbacks. The quarterback competition certainly took an interesting turn as Matt Barkley had a great day, going 10-13 for 195 and 3 TD (with a fumble and a pick). Corp looked ok, with some inflated numbers due to a big run by RoJo on a square in for a 60+ yard touchdown. Mitch Mustain was also average, checking down most of the time, going 7-10 for 42 yards and INT that wasn't his fault as Jordan Cameron fell. The defense look really good at times, with Malik Jackson and Everson Griffin looking very good at the end spots. There were some injuries at tackle though, but all in all the Trojans have to be pleased at their performance on both sides of the ball.

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