Thursday, February 5, 2009

Signing Day Recap (Offensive Look)

Couple of things about some of the offensive recruits from Coach Carroll:

Kevin Graf: O Lineman whose been around the program since he's been little (his dad was a famous Trojan). One of the more complete players at Tackle coming in that Carroll has seen.
John Martinez: Will play center and be groomed to take over for O'Dowd, but also can play guard. Very versatile and compared to Jeff Byers.
Jake Harfman: Will compete for both kicker and punter, big leg.
Matt Barkley: Although already enrolled, Coach mentioned that he's excited about Barkley and will put him in with the 1st Team several times in order to see what's he's got. Got the sense that Carroll really thinks Barkley can be a really good QB (as I think just about everyone does!) and there could be a slim chance of him not redshirting and actually playing.

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